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Aquarius •Child• Birthstone Ring & Necklace set-Amethyst


Aquarius •Child• Birthstone Ring & Necklace set-Amethyst

$21.00 $17.00

Crystal and copper ring and necklace set for the kids. For the children starting and/or continuing their path of self love and self awareness. The ring is an adjustable but child size so feel free to leave your child’s age in the notes so I can adjust it accordingly. The necklace is on a 14 inch metal chain with hook clasp.

Necklace & ring Birthstone Chart and Chakra relation below.


Stone Color~~~~ Description by Chakra:



Orange~~~Sacral plexus (CREATIVITY)

Yellow~~~~Solar plexus (WILL POWER)



Indigo~~~~Third eye (INTUITION)

Purple/ Clear~~~~Crown (DIVINE CONNECTION)

Zodiac Stones:

Aries- Clear Quartz


Taurus- Rose Quartz


Gemini- Citrine


Cancer- Moonstone


Leo- Sunstone


Virgo- Garnet


Libra- Sodalite


Scorpio- Carnelian


Sagittarius- Turquoise  


Capricorn- Tigers eye


Aquarius- Amethyst


Pisces – Labradorite


Each birthstone set comes with a zodiac  description card with interesting facts about your sign. Gift some good vibes to your babies on their bday or holiday gifts that keep on giving.

Please note: Because we use natural stones and metals, the stones may vary slightly in shape, color and size. 



Each item is individually wrapped in a branded purple 4 x 4 gift box or blue 3 x 2 gift box depending on the size of the item. We do not include price receipts in the package. We are happy to ship directly to the recipient. If you would like a gift note included in the package, please leave the text of the note in the message box at checkout.



IWe feel truly grateful for each and every order you intrust to us. We handcraft every piece with great care and love. Within 14 days of your purchase, if you notice any defect in your piece, we will gladly repair your jewelry at no extra cost. 

We understand that accidents happen, so if your Jewelry ever needs some extra TLC, we’d be happy to repair it for you. (Reasonable charges, if any, will be determined by the nature of the repair.)


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