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About Ameerah

About Ameerah 

If you are looking to heal and unleash your inner goddess while adorning your outer temple you’ve come to the right place.

Nontle Creations is owned and operated by a married mom of three who takes a more holistic approach to living. A true goddess by the name of Ameerah (meaning princess) and I embody that energy in all my creations.

I became attracted to crystals on a more in depth level about 3 years ago and started a short lived jewelry business at the young age of 15 (12 years ago). With tons of growth and self work I was able to rebirth my creativity and jewelry business with a more spiritually driven intention and “Nontle Creations” was birthed meaning “mother of beauty”.

I mostly use copper for its abilities to amplify the power and energy of the stones as well as its healing benefits. I also work with brass often and sterling silver upon special requests. Browse my creations and experience the healing vibrations for yourself. Let’s all continue to cultivate and birth our true goddess energy. Always remember the power to heal is within I’m here to make you feel and look good on the journey.